Chugai Pharma U.K. Ltd. and Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd believe it is important to be transparent regarding interactions with Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Organisations, the NHS and with Patient Organisations.

  • Payments made to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations will be disclosed via central portals organised and managed by The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) and The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) for payments made in Ireland and the UK respectively. These payments have been publicly available since July 1st 2016 and are updated annually. Methodological notes will give support to any reader to better understand the manner in which Chugai manages such payments.
  • Payments made to Patient Organisations are disclosed via the company website. Details will be given as to the Patient Organisation, the nature of the engagement, the amount paid and the percentage this payment represents of the annual income of the Patient Organisation and updated annually.
  • Patients benefit from the collaboration between Healthcare Professionals and the pharmaceutical industry through the development and appropriate use of innovative treatments that aim to improve patient care. Healthcare Professionals and pharmaceutical companies regularly work together throughout the life of a medicine. As an integral part of the medicines development process it is entirely appropriate that fees are paid to Healthcare Professionals to reimburse them for their time and expertise.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is committed to ensuring the transparency of relationships with Healthcare Professionals. Across Europe the industry announced its intention to disclose payments to Healthcare Professionals at an individual level annually.
  • The NHS and the pharmaceutical industry share a common goal in improving patient outcomes and this has been the foundation of Joint Working projects. The potential of such projects to deliver improvements that benefit patients has been proven in a range of services and therapies. Payments relating to Joint Working agreements will be disclosed via the company website and details will be given as to the NHS partner, the nature of the engagement and the amount paid. Such information is disclosed prior to the project starting and updated throughout the course of the project.


Transparency in the UK and Ireland

Methodological Note for Disclosure of Transfer of Values in 2022
Transparency Declaration – Interactions with Patient Organisations in 2020, 2021 and 2022
Transparency Declaration – Interactions with Members of the Public, Including Patients and Journalists in 2022


Transparency in the rest of Europe (EFPIA members)

2022 Disclosure of transfers of value across Europe
2021 Disclosure of transfers of value across Europe
2020 Disclosure of Transfers of Value Across Europe