The Chugai Group

Chugai’s heritage in R&D

The Chugai Group is a pioneer in biotechnology. We have been involved in the research and development of biopharmaceutical products for over 30 years. Chugai has built up its experience as a leader in biotechnology, starting with the launch of two biopharmaceutical products in the 1990s and the successful launch of the first antibody drug created in Japan.

Cooperation between global development hubs

As an integral member of Chugai Pharmaceutical’s (Chugai) R&D projects; Chugai Pharma Europe contributes to the planning of global development programs and leads the execution of European clinical programmes, while leveraging external resources effectively and to ensure the safety and quality of clinical studies.

Working directly with external organisations and leading experts helps us to identify critical areas of unmet medical need and develop therapies that make a difference for patients.