Why we partner

At Chugai Pharma Europe, we believe in the Power of Together. This ethos puts people at the center of all our work. Whether it’s with patients, employees, or partners, we are guided by the strengths that come from working together.

Thanks to our strong partnerships, we have been able to provide medicines to people in need all across Europe. Our team, located across the UK, France, and Germany, is eager to continue to deliver.

Pursuing health, together

Our Business Development and Licensing team is here to help you. We can provide partners with expertise in market access, business intelligence, and medical affairs. By sharing our insight on late-stage development as well as the launch and commercialization of innovative therapies across Europe we can:

  • Help you to navigate these areas of the European marketplace;
  • Ensure your medicine is available to those in need in the European patient community. Thanks to our strong placement in the European market and network of partners, we are well placed to add medical and commercial value to your therapies. Our partnerships allow you to look to the future and invest in developing the next innovations.
Where to meet us

You can find us at many life science conventions and congresses across Europe. We are currently planning our next conferences, so check back to this page soon for more details on where we will be next!