Our areas of interest

Chugai specialises in delivering innovation across a range of key therapy areas. Together we can make the most out of our shared experience in these fields.

Our key therapeutic areas of focus
  • Digital therapeutics and health technology
  • Immunology/Rheumatology;
  • Haematology/Haemophilia;
  • Oncology;
  • and Orphan diseases.
Supporting you at different stages of development

Chugai supports its partners at many different stages from late-stage development, through launch campaigning to post-launch and market defence activities. We have extensive experience to offer to pharmaceutical, technology and digital therapeutics companies, helping partners to establish a strong business in Europe.

Late-stage in development

With our extensive medical network, we can help you organise advisory boards, engage with patient groups and get you in touch with clinical trial groups. If your late-phase trials are already underway, we can also support with scientific communications, data generation as well as clinical development support.


If you are anticipating regulatory approval for your medicine, we can help you in the lead up to this important date. By investing in your product launch, we can help you differentiate your product from existing medicines. This involves us helping you to define the patient population that will benefit most from your medicine.
We also bring health technology assessment (HTA) and reimbursement expertise across key European regions, to help evaluate the value of your medicine to patients and healthcare systems.

Launched or marketed products

We are also interested in partnering with you on medicines that have already launched. We support with Health Economics and Outcomes research (HEOR), allowing healthcare decision makers and systems to better understand what your medicine has to offer.

It is essential that both healthcare professionals and patients are aware of adverse events when taking any treatment. We can support you with pharmacovigilance, helping to ensure the safety of your drug. Through our overview of pharmacovigilance at EU affiliates, we can also make sure you are complying to all necessary legislation.

We also employ our medical expertise when training sales force and when establishing field medical support.

Ways in which we collaborate

With the extent of services that we provide, we constantly think beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to our partnerships. We look for solutions based on the level of involvement and commitment that suits both you and us.

We engage in different collaboration models ranging from licensing deals to distribution or fee-for-service agreements based on regional requirements.

  • Sole and co-promotion: In the UK, France, Germany, we can act as either the sole promoter or co-promoter for our partners.
  • Sublicensing: We can sublicense in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Switzerland through our strong existing relationships with partner companies in these countries.
  • Outsourcing: We can also outsource to our trusted partners in Eastern Europe and other European countries outside of those listed above.

Chugai territories
UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg

  • Sole promotion by CPE

Partnership territories

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland

  • Sublicense to our partner companies

Partnership territories

Eastern Europe, others

  • Outsource to our partner company

a map of Chugai partnerships in England, Germany and France